Hearts Beat Loud

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Hearts Beat Loud

Frank Fisher (NICK OFFERMAN) has been running his record store in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for over a decade.  A one-time musician, Frank’s life changed when his wife died in an accident and left him to raise their only daughter Sam (KIERSEY CLEMONS), who has recently been accepted to a pre-med program at UCLA and is about to leave the nest. As if the prospect of seeing his daughter move away isn’t enough, the record store is losing money, and Frank is forced to tell his friend Leslie (TONI COLLETTE), who is also his landlord, that he’s going to close up shop at the end of the summer.  Aside from hanging out at the bar owned by his buddy Dave (TED DANSON) and taking care of his aging mother Marianne (BLYTHE DANNER), Frank doesn’t seem to have much to look forward to.

​One night, Frank distracts Sam from her studies and encourages her to jam with him – Sam has grown up playing music with her father, and also sings as a hobby.  She pulls out some lyrics she’s been working on, and together they spend the night crafting and recording a song together.  “We’re not a band,” she says to Frank the next day, squelching his excitement.  But Frank is inspired by his daughter’s talent, and impulsively uploads the song to Spotify under the band name “We’re Not a Band.”

​Much to Frank and Sam’s surprise, the song is placed on a popular Spotify playlist, and suddenly thousands of people are listening to it.  For Frank, the world opens up for him again, as he starts to imagine a future recording and even performing live with Sam, if only he can convince her to take a year off from school and keep the band alive. But Sam has ambitions of her own, already complicated by a growing relationship with her NEW girlfriend Rose (SASHA LANE), and these make a music career seem all but impossible.  As the summer comes to a close and college beckons, Frank and Sam must make some choices, and find a way to transition into their new lives.

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